[orca-list] Problem with orca and webkit in epiphany

Being fed up with the bugs in mozilla stuff, I decided to take another look at how webkit support is coming along. What is the official status of webkit support in orca? Anyway, I noticed smoe issues.

If you go to http://www.vogella.de/articles/OSGi/article.html and navigate down to section 3.2, you will find a code example. Orca does not read the lines of code correct if you cursor up and down and also Braille is not updated correctly. I am unsure how best to describe what is going on, however it is certainly obviously producing the wrong speech and Braille. Could this be related to the issue in gedit where lines were being run into one although the cursor was still respecting the lines when moving?

I am using orca 3.2, epiphany 3.2.1 and webkit 1.6.1.

Michael Whapples

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