Re: [orca-list] Starting Orca under Gnome3 in Arch linux

Yes, I have already installed at-spi2-atk but it still doesn't work. So, we'll se if someone else has any 
ideas on what is wrong here.
Many thanks,

On 2011-05-09 at 12:22 Kyle wrote:

First off, I have the problem with Orca not starting at login even
though it's set to start, so this is probably a bug. This is the case
both with the version of Orca that is available in the gnome-extra group
as well as orca-git from AUR, which I had to install in order to get
Firefox and Thunderbird to speak, and for some reason required me to go
through the setup process a second time.

As for Orca not speaking past the welcome message, try installing

sudo pacman -S at-spi2-atk

This should most likely solve your problem, unless of course, you have
already tried that, in which case, I'm not really sure what is causing
the problem or how to fix it. Good luck with GNOME3. It seems to be not
quite as bad as some people made it seem. <smile>
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