Re: [orca-list] Thunderbird 5 Beta

I think the issue with the folder list and message list not being updated is an issue of at-spi2's more aggressive caching and thunderbird not providing the correct events for at-spi2 to know that things have changed. There is a way of turning off the caching in at-spi2, look back in this list's archive for some details. However turning off caching really isn't the solution and it needs a fix from Mozilla (good luck).

I think thunderbird 5.0 betas build on the 3.3 alpha builds and so may show many of the issue I have mentioned in the past about 3.3Ax versions (search the list archive, eg. there is an issue where after opening the message once no more messages are accessible, etc).

Michael Whapples
On 01/-10/37 20:59, Luke Yelavich wrote:
On Tue, Jun 07, 2011 at 11:00:50PM EST, Steve Holmes wrote:
Has anyone tried the 5.0 betas of Thunderbird yet? I'm thinking of
giving it a try but I would be interested in any other observations
before I go and try for myself.
Yes, am using it with Orca 3.1.2 and finding that the accessibility hierarchy of mailbox lists and the 
mailbox list itself it not being updated. To be clear, whenever I open or close a list of mailboxes for an 
account on the left, Orca doesn't notice that a list has been expanded, and reads the other top level 
elements in that list. Only when I keep arrowing down through mailboxes does it start to read the correct 
mailbox names, and when I arrow back up, it still doesn't read the top mailboxes in the list.

I get similar behavior in the mailbox index list view, not all authors/subject lines get read properly, i.e 
one of the previous message subjects/authors gets spoken even though it is not selected.

Hope that all makes sense, had a busy day, and my brain is somewhat fried atm.


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