[orca-list] List suggestions [was "Re: more thunderbird issues"]

Maybe it's just me, so feel free to ignore, but I'm having trouble
associating these answers with the appropriate question. I'd like to
suggest two things. First, include the message that's being responded
to. If you're worried about the length of the message, go ahead and
prune it down to just the question you're answering or the text you're
referring to. Second, use more specific and less general subject lines,
and don't be afraid to change the subject line you're responding to in
order to reflect a change in subject or make it more specific.

On 20/07/11 20:15, Kyle wrote:
There seems to be a bug somewhere either in the latest Thunderbird or in
Orca. I usually have to tab once after opening a message to get it to
speak. Then I can hit control-home and read it with the arrows. Other
times, the tab doesn't make it speak, so the only thing to do is to run
orca --replace
This resets things, and your message will then speak normally. Yes, this
is a bit much to have to do sometimes, but this bug is fairly new, and
hopefully will be fixed soon.
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