Re: [orca-list] BRLTTY does not start automatically since upgrade of my system

Hi all,

Since my last mail i've tried several things to get my braille display starting automatically again.

First i thought that brltty might not start automatically. So i added it to my /etc/rc.local
After rebooting i issued the command
ps -A | grep -i ".*brltty"
to see if it is running. To my suprise it was even running twice :-)
So i removed it from the rc.local again.

IN the next step i tried removing and reinstalling the package. When i started aptitude remove brltty it complained about brltty-x11 is broken. After confirming it removed the packages (brltty and brltty-x11). Now i installed brltty and brltty-x11 again.
But unfortunatelly without any success..

Currently i have installed brltty 4.1. Would it make sense to install a newer version of it? And how could i get it? I'd prefer to use no testing repositories or something like this bc i use my ubuntu on a daily basis ...

Any help / new ideas would be appreciated!

Best wishes Marion

Am 28.01.2011 14:42, schrieb Marion Peterreins:
Hi all,

Since I've upgraded my system brltty does not start automatically. What can I do to make it start automatically again?

Ubuntu 10.4
Orca 2.30.2

Thanks in advance, Marion!

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