Re: [orca-list] BRLTTY does not start automatically since upgrade of my system

Hallo Marion,

Marion Peterreins <marionpeter gmx net> wrote on Mo, Jan 31, 2011 at 06:11:33 +0100:
Since my last mail i've tried several things to get my braille
display starting automatically again.
Maybe you got no responses so far because this is the orca list, not
the BRLTTY list.

First i thought that brltty might not start automatically. So i added
it to my  /etc/rc.local
This is no good idea, since Ubuntu has its own places where services
are started.
How do you confirm, that your braille display is not recognized? Does
it stay blanc or can you read "screen not in text mode"?

Have you already looked into your BRLTTY-configuration, located in
/etc/brltty.conf? Maybe the values have changed there during your

IN the next step i tried removing and reinstalling the package. When
i started aptitude remove brltty it complained about brltty-x11 is
broken. After confirming it removed the packages (brltty and
brltty-x11). Now i installed brltty and brltty-x11 again.
But unfortunatelly without any success..
Do you need brltty-x11?

Currently i have installed brltty 4.1. Would it make sense to install
a newer version of it? And how could i get it?
I don't think so. If BRLTTY has already run with your display, it will

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