Re: [orca-list] Bookmark Editing in Firefox 4.0 Beta

On Wed, Jan 19, 2011 at 02:28:46AM -0700, Steve Holmes wrote:
I've been working with Firefox 4.0 Beta 10 for the past couple days or
so and notice a serious problem with the bookmarks save dialog and in
the library where you can manage bookmarks.  In this case, I cannot
edit the bookmark names in either dialog with any a11y.  When I'm in
the text box and arrow back and forth, I don't hear any speech at
all.  Further more, even if I can hack around and guess my way through

I'm pretty sure this is a known bug on but I can't
find it right now.

changing the name, Firefox doesn't seem to save the updated value.
This latter problem may be a firefox bug but I'm wondering why Orca
isn't reading the characters while navigating around in the text
boxes.  I notice this particularly when editting the name of a
bookmark to be saved, the name and address of bookmarks in the tree
table details under the bookmark library.

that's interesting but sounds like some sort ofstrange, but non-a11y

Can any others repo these observations? I will gladly file bugs
appropriately if so.

 please look for an existing report of the orca doesn't speak thing
 since I believe they is one,and try for theother one i seems like it
 isn't a11y related so there probably is one.  afaik the book mark
 dialog / popup thing is all a bunch of xul andjava script which means
 that while its not fun to deal with its something yu may have the skill
 to atleast take a first look at.


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