[orca-list] New mailing list for Spanish-speaking Orca users

We are very pleased to announce the creation of the orca-es-list, an official GNOME list for Spanish speaking users of the Orca screen

Providing ways for non-English speakers to get more involved in the
Orca community has been a long-time goal of the Orca team -- and up
until recently, an unachievable one. Now, thanks to the support of the
Consorcio Fernando de los Ríos, the continued involvement of
developers from Emergya, and the willingness of existing
Spanish-speaking Orca users to contribute their time and knowledge,
the team is able to support such as list.

To subscribe, fill out the form available here:

We are grateful to everyone who has made this new list possible,
including GNOME for providing the infrastructure through which to host
it. And we look forward to seeing you on orca-es-list!

--The Orca Team

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