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In my opinion, links is the most important to be able to navigate via a list. I say this personally, and from my experience as both a tech support rep at a cable internet provider, as well as an AT instructor. It is easy enough to use h/shift+h to go between headings, and similar keys for other form elements, etc. While a search is possible using ctrl+f, being able to list links and do first letter navigation to a known link (such as login or download) would be awesome, even if you did have to press the first letter a few times to get there. Just my little bit of feedback, but any questions, shoot me an E-mail.



On 02/02/2011 12:42 AM, Hammer Attila wrote:

Marcus, my notebook have an Intel Dualcore T2300 CPU with 1,73 GHZ and 2 GB ram, with is enough fast I think. Default this CPU speed setted with 800 MHZ the powersave state, but if need more speed, the speed is increasing ofcourse. I think Orca+menu key is good, for example I using laptop layout because I working with a notebook and this keystroke easy to use.
Look the startup points:
"The last idea I still have is the following:

List type: all-over list
GUI: Dialog with treeview"
This is good, if fixed the treeview search related bug, if this is not happening, need appliing the menu based GUI until not fixed the treeview search bug.
"Keybinding: Orca+Menu"
Good both desktop and laptop layout I think.

"Objects: All structural navigation objects + Links
Action for Enter: All objects are focused, links are executed"
Action is good, but listing need objects not enough following, similar with your last attached patch to reduce list generation speed performance:
- Anchors
- Frames
- form Fields
- Headings
- Links
For example if you would like listing paragraphs, block quotes, lists, list items etc this is future increasing now the generation speed time. The jump prewious and next paragraphs have a structural navigation command (p or Shift+p), jump prewious and next list with Shift+l and l, jump pnext or prewious list item with i and Shift+i, etc. Headings, links, form fields list is importanter, because for example have possible more headings, links or form fields with a webpage with perhaps easyer revieving with a list. For example when the second patch looking lists, lot of lists have empty label, look for example webpage.
So, the startup points is good.

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