Re: [orca-list] Orca Accessible install from live media

Robert Cole <rkcole72984 gmail com> wrote:
Honestly...I have not been satisfied with Ubuntu or Linux Mint, but
I don't really want to "distro hop". I am just looking for some
advice on where to go from other visually impaired users. 

Linux Mint is an Ubuntu derivative, as I recall, so you really haven't tried
anything that differs significantly from Ubuntu (other than Fedora Live).

It's also worth finding out whether the issues you are experiencing are
generic Linux matters or specific to Ubuntu. I think the differences among
distributions are often over-stated: most of them offer more or less the same
core packages, except for such contributions as Ubuntu Unity, which other
distributions haven't taken up. The way I personally think about it is this:
it's possible to move from most distributions to a system that meets your
news, but the path is shorter from some distributions than from others,
dependingin on what your needs are. That is, the amount of customization work
required is less if you start from a distribution that's already closer to
what you want. Also, the distribution's quality and development process are
important factors - it's always a trade-off between reliability vs. providing
the latest releases.

Fedora, Debian and Arch Linux (in no particular order) would be worth
investigating, and there are accessible strategies for installing all of them.

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