Re: [orca-list] is any one working on libre office accessibility actively?

Hi Krishnakant, hi folks

I've been testing LibreOffices accessability for about 2 weeks now as a summer traineeship for an institute for blind people in Denmark. We tested version 3.3.3. Build: 301.
Writer is accessible for at least the basic stuff and we did also test spreadsheet. No problems there. We didn't touch presentation.

We gave some feedback to the Vinux group and with their help will try to spread the feedback to the right places.
If you are working on LibreOffice accessablility I would be very happy to give you my notes! It is my last week here and I want to make shure our work is off use to the community.

Cheers Paskal

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Subject: [orca-list] is any one working on libre office accessibility actively?

Hello all,
I see that ever since open office was forked into libre office, there has not been much talk on current development of accessibility with orca?
is there some document which has any updates?
Is any one working on presentation, there are also some issues with spreadsheet as well.
Can some one give some update?
Happy hacking.

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