Re: [orca-list] Firefox 6 (with Aria improvements)

Hopefully tabbing through links and fields in thunderrd will behave a little nicer with the upgrade though orca claims it's inaccessible, or so it says when i alt tab through stuff, though it still reads etc.

On 08/17/2011 09:06 AM, Christopher Chaltain wrote:
On 16/08/11 23:35, Jason White wrote:
Steve Holmes<steve holmes88 gmail com>  wrote:
the edit boxes still don't work for me
however.  I can type in them but nothing is echoed by Orca; that
part seems to be unchanged to me.

That's unchanged for me as well, noting that the braille output works and has
always worked. For people who are primarily using speech, I'm sure this is a
real problem.

Interesting, but I've never seen this problem. Right now I'm running
Orca 3.1.2-xdesktop with Firefox 5, and I don't have any problems in
edit fields on the web. The only problem I have close to that is not
hearing characters echoed when I backspace over them. Is there some
other aspect of this problem?

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