Re: [orca-list] What version of libwebkit-gtk need installing with Natty to possible proper use Yelp webkit based version?

Hey Attila.

Always need enabling caret navigation with F7 key when launching the 
webkit based help browser, or have a magic gconf key to appli this 
preference always by default?

I only enabled it once and it seemed to stick after that. That's why I
forgot to mention it in my first reply to you.

When you test tomorrow, since you don't have quite all of the latest
WebKitGtk a11y fixes, you will notice things like links being indicated
in the wrong place and some bulleted/numbered list items being slightly
off. However, you should find that you can arrow (including selecting
and unselecting text!) and tab and use structural navigation and SayAll
and those sorts of Orca-y things. :-) And once 1.4 comes out and gets
included in Natty, those oddities should go away.

Lemme know how it goes. Thanks!!

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