Re: [orca-list] A few additional details on 2.31.91

On Mon, Aug 30, 2010 at 09:19:08PM -0400, Joanmarie Diggs wrote:
3. As of tonight, if you use master/unstable, the official location of
your Orca settings is now xdg based. For me, in Maverick, that happens
to be $HOME/.local/share/orca. When you start Orca from master now, it
should check for the presence of Orca settings in the new location. If
it fails to find them, but manages to locate your settings in the old
location ($HOME/.orca) it will copy them for you. And note "copy them,"
not "move them." (Thanks Ale!) This means that you can continue to use
Orca stable and Orca unstable/master and each version will look in the
expected place for the settings. And everything should co-exist quite
nicely. This includes any file you have.

The only "inconvenience" you might run across is that you potentially
will have two separate sets of settings: One for stable Orca; one for
unstable Orca/master. That means if you save a setting in one version of
Orca, it will only get written out for that version's location; not
both. But other than an occasional, temporary, "I could have sworn I
saved that... Oh yeah..." moment, you should be fine.

I did have one hitch I had to get around with this latest change.  It
seems that if the old settings are still available in .orca, they keep
getting copied over to .local/share/orca each time Orca is restarted.
Let me give a sequence I ran through thisevening.

1. Get into orca and go into the preferences dialog; change something
that can be tracked and easily verified like the show main window
checkbox.  Change this.

2. Quit Orca or do a --replace to make it restart.

3. Notice that when Orca restarted, the change does not take effect.

While observing this repeadedly, I decided to peak around in the
.local/share/orca/ at the showMainWindow item.  When I
applied the orca settings or closed the preferences window with OK, I
looked into the file and saw that the option was indeed
set to true from the original value of false.  Upon restarting Orca,
this file apparently got overwritten because this value went back to
false.  This happened to me a couple times so I then went and renamed
.orca to something else and then went through the 3 steps outlined
above and the value sticks now.  So I think .orca is being copied
every time Orca restarts.

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