Re: [orca-list] playing on-line videos

 Hi michael.
While the video is playing, try to check the volume in system/preferences/sound. There is a page where you can adjust the volume for each application that is playing.

On 10/20/2010 10:05 AM, michael weaver wrote:
i have just been trying to play some videos and i can't seem to get any sound and orca is not giving me any error messages saying that i need extra apps to play the videos. all i get is silence unless it is taking a while to load the videos over my 1 megabyte broadband connection.
i have even installed the package for restricted sound formats in ubuntu.
i have been trying to play the videos from the traveleyes site to see if any of their holidays might be of interest to me as at the moment i spend a lot of time at home on my own apart from working at the local hospice one day a week, shopping and lunch with my parents and attending the yorkshire lunch of the "outsiders" organisation.
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