Re: [orca-list] twitter and the gnome gui

On Sat, 2010-11-27 at 17:48 -0500, Joanmarie Diggs wrote:
I've been meaning to file a bug about this, but I'm getting old and the
memory fades. This thread prompted me. I have just opened this bug:

Whether or not the Gwibber Team jumps on this is hard to say. Therefore
I've CC'ed Mario Sanchez on this message. Mario is the one doing all the
awesome work for us in WebKitGtk accessibility. Without him, we'd
seriously be lost. Guys, meet Mario; Mario meet the Orca community.


Anyhoo, while I hope the Gwibber team jumps on this bug, they might not.
So if Mario manages to find some spare time and can help the Gwibber
guys by providing the information they need, or a patch if he actually
does have spare time, that would be super. And we would all love you.

I will try to find some time to write a patch, although I can't
guarantee it could be done in the short term due to other duties I need
to work on as well, and because gwibber's source is 100% unknown for me.

But as a first attempt to try to help, I've done a quick test in my
current version of gwibber, and found that the issue could be quickly
and easily solved by putting, somewhere in the WebUi class (in,
something like this:

   self.web_settings.set_property("enable-caret-browsing", True)

I did that change on the fly over the version of gwibber installed on my
system and did the trick. Now you'd just need to find a more ellaborated
way to alow the user activate and deactivate that (as epiphany does with
the pop-up dialog showing up when you press F7) and I guess that would
be all.

Btw, if you try this you'll probably find that the caret won't move
towards the left/right, but just up and down... don't worry, that's a
bug in webkit that it's already fixed [1] and shouldn't happen in future
versions of the library.

Hope this mail helps. It looks to me that a patch for gwibber shouldn't
be very hard to write knowing the codebase but I dare not to put my hand
on fire... you know... in software development, you must always expect
the unexpected :-)



PS: No need to CC me, I subscribed to this list

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