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I'm with ya on that one Joanie. It would definitely be awesome to see gwibber accessible. Though my Pidgin solution in the last message works, I would rather use Gwibber, since you can keep your Twitter, facebook, etc. all in one place. Keep up the good work to you and all the rest of the orca devs.



On 11/27/2010 05:48 PM, Joanmarie Diggs wrote:
Hey all.

Does you search something like gwibber []?
There's good news and bad news about gwibber. The good news is that it
uses WebKitGtk. The bad news is that, at least last time I checked,
there is no caret navigation in Gwibber. (It exists in WebKitGtk, but
apps have to enable it.) So you can tweet (and ident and whatever it is
you do on facebook), but reading the updates of everyone else is hard.
I've been meaning to file a bug about this, but I'm getting old and the
memory fades. This thread prompted me. I have just opened this bug:

Whether or not the Gwibber Team jumps on this is hard to say. Therefore
I've CC'ed Mario Sanchez on this message. Mario is the one doing all the
awesome work for us in WebKitGtk accessibility. Without him, we'd
seriously be lost. Guys, meet Mario; Mario meet the Orca community.

Anyhoo, while I hope the Gwibber team jumps on this bug, they might not.
So if Mario manages to find some spare time and can help the Gwibber
guys by providing the information they need, or a patch if he actually
does have spare time, that would be super. And we would all love you.

The other possibility, which I am loathe to do but could do if need be,
is implement an Orca-controlled caret just for Gwibber. Unlike with
Gecko, this solution should be performant. For one thing, a status
update is basically text, links, and an image. Plus a couple of buttons.
In other words, no potential for ARIA, form widgets, etc. Thus much less
checking is required on our part. In addition, because the content
displayed in WebKitGtk doesn't have to be pieced together like it does
in Gecko, we don't have to do all that non-performant work to obtain the
current line. Beyond that, part of this uber refactor I'm working on
includes separating out the caret-navigation code from our Gecko support
so that other apps can use it if need be.

So.... Let's see what happens with the bug. If that fails, I should be
nearly finished with the current refactor (phew!) and can try to solve
the Gwibber navigation problem on our side.

But, yeah, Gwibber is our best bet, and a cool bet.

Take care.

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