Re: [orca-list] Orca and the problem when opening messages in a new window in thunderbird

Hey Michael.

Also for those who know a bit more of orca, does this seem a good way to 
go about the bug? Would it be better to move that fix up to gecko's 
script or would it be best to report an issue with mozilla about this 
asking for the additional event not to be fired in the first place?

To be perfectly frank, one of the primary reasons Orca is so sluggish
with Gecko is because we are hacking around all sorts of bogusity
(things that are incorrect, event floods, broken native caret
navigation, having to piece together lines, etc., etc.). 

That aside, they recently hired a temporary (6-month) contractor to work
specifically on Gecko accessibility with an emphasis on Orca. (Yay!) So
right now we have someone paying attention to the bugs that we file.

Put these two things together and, were it me, I'd vote for filing it
and getting it fixed on their side rather than ours.

For what it's worth...

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