Re: [orca-list] writer closes inexpectedly

The same here with Maverick and Orca 2.91.3 pre. OOo just quits within a minute. Do anyone knows an alternative to work with for Writer and Calc?
There is a bug opened in ubuntu regarding problems with
orca end OO.
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Subject: [orca-list] writer closes inexpectedly

Hi all

In Ubuntu 10.10 with Orca 2.32.0 and 3.2
I have noted that OOo closes so often working with a document.
The problem is while I am reading the document with arrow keys, pressing
control + home...

I have run oowriter from a terminal and I can see various warning
messages about exceptions on get_text_at_ofset and get_run_attributes
Currently I don't know if this is cause accessibility related bug or an
OOo bug... So if anyone has experimented this problem please let it
Perhaps is a bad configuration on my system but is very anoying issue!



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