Re: [orca-list] Opportunity to Contribute to GNOME Accessibility: Orca Performance Improvements

On Wednesday 17 November 2010 08:29 PM, Christian Hofstader wrote:
One pretty good way a bunch of us can learn a lot about how things work would be to actually start writing 
the documentation that is currently lacking or non-existent. We can send questions to the programmers working 
on this stuff and they can answer  when convenient and, meanwhile, we can probably figure out a lot of it 
with trial and error and having our docs reviewed by the experts.

This sort of project would solve two problems: it would help those of us who want to jump in to learn the lay 
of the land and it will help others in the future (assuming we keep the docs up to date) join the project 
without going through a lot of superfluous rediscovery that we will need to do to make these documentation 
and tutorial projects.

What do you folks think?

Infact I can start creating a template for this.
I am good at wiki format.
Another thing is that Pydoc could be used to extract api comments.
But still we will need the hackers themselves to put in some time for this.
Its a Hugely proffitable time investment.
This will also help the current programmers because if people can learn faster then the offloading of work will happen faster.

Happy hacking.

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