Re: [orca-list] Opportunity to Contribute to GNOME Accessibility: Orca Performance Improvements

On Tuesday 09 November 2010 08:11 AM, Steve Holmes wrote:
That sounds like a pretty daunting task to dump on a single person. I'm still trying to find my way around this ATK stuff and gnome so I'm probably not qualified to apply for this contract position but I sure wouldn't mind some training or something so I could get further along and be able to contribute more in the future.

I am programming in Python and c for last 5 years.
So may be I can do this work.
I guess though, I will agree with steve that it's donting to have just one person do the entire work.

I'm even wondering if those of us who have a serious intent on contributing more code changes and analysis of Orca or the applications feeding into it, could somehow pick this up more quickly or find some good concise training, we could collectively add more to this effort.
again +1
I recently found some additional documentation on how to use Accerciser but then as I went through the tutorial I found it nearly impossible to use the ipython console. When I asked about this issue on the list recently, I got no replies. Does hardly anyone deal much with Accerciser or does noone use the python console? It looked to me like that part of Accerciser could be helpful like in other debuggers.

another issue I kept on raising along with other keen and potential contributers is a good scripting manual. For experienced Python programmres like me, it would have been a pasport into our intentions of starting to contribute.

Somehow, the general lack of documentation on Accerciser and other ATK functions has been making my learning of this work quite a bit slower than I had hoped.

Hmmm, same here steve.
Infact if there were good docs I would have been one of the people who would jump into contribution, with or without money.

Some of the bugs I am willing to adopt because they interest me are hard for me to get started on because I'm still learning how to efficiently navigate around in the internals of Gnome, ATK and Orca. It's slowly coming along but still...

Well, if not good manuals or docs, at least small but consise articles on these technologies could help a lot.
And then we have this mailing list.

This is not to sound complaining, I know as it is many of us contribute to this in our spare time. But it is a matter of fact that documents could have helped and it is a practical problem.
Let's see what comes out of this.

Happy hacking.

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