[orca-list] Speech Dispatcher and OpenTTS

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I'm about to get underway setting up opentts modules for Orca.  I plan
to clone the stuff form speechdispatcherfactory.py and whatever
upstream references there are for speech dispatcher in calling scripts
or makefiles.

What I want to be sure of is if Jon, for example, is working on any
speech dispatcher stuff, I don't wanna bump heads with him.  Is there
any pit-falls I should look out for?  Under the new OpenTTS package,
the python directories for speechd and speechd_config will be changing
to opentts and opentts_config.  My intent is to basically leave speech
dispatcher unchanged but add opentts as a new option.  This way, both
modules will be supported for the time being until we figure out what
happens with Brailcom and/or the OpenTTS project.

There was a recent but pointed to that references speech dispatcher
stuff which I think will be used for any patches I supply unless it is
preferred we start with anew RFE.

Any advice welcomed.
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