Re: [orca-list] which version of empathy is accessible with orca?

On Sunday 09 May 2010 08:07 PM, Bill Cox wrote:
I've been trying to figure this out, too.  I hear that you can call
through Google Talk.  I've got Empathy up at the moment.  Feel free to
try and call.  My login was waywardgeek gmail com on Google Talk,
which I think is all you need to contact me.  It's silly that Google
doesn't have a test call service.

Hey, bill, wasn't it fun using the audio chat feature with empathy?
Well for those who are wondering what I am saying, the good news is that orca and empathy worked just great! What I and bill did was that we just got on empathy and then he called me up.
I herd orca reading out the notification that bill is calling me.
well to send a call request just right click on the buddy you wish to chat with.
Then select audio chat from the popup menu.
Well, when bill called me up, I just hit enter on his icon and the dialog for answering or rejecting the call was given to me. another way which is painfull is to actuall go to the top panel and when orca says menubar, just left click. when you get available icon you just hit left click again and you get the name of the person who is trying to call you.
Press space and the same answer/ reject dialog will come.

but I think the first option is very very good.

Happy hacking.

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