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Hi Steve
I can only answer the first question, about SIP. You need to make sure
you have the telepathy-sofiasip library installed. Telepathy itself
comes with a simple SIP support but it's only suitable for messaging.
The sofiasip library provides the voice chat functions. You can tell if
you have the sofiasip library installed by going into your SIP account
settings in empathy and showing the advanced options. If the first
option is "discover stun server" then you're using the correct sip
support. Otherwise you're missing the package. This one bit me too until
I figured out what the problem was.

On 05/08/2010 02:40 PM, Steve Holmes wrote:
I don't know if any of my empathy problems have to do with Orca
enhancements or if it's just my own ignorance.  I thought I would give
Empathy a try but can't seem to connec to anything.  First, I tried a
setup with SIP on  BTW, I can use linphonec on this just
fine; at least I could call echo and my voice mail box OK but when I
try these same calls from empathy, it just rings out as if my
connection doesn't exist or something.  I also tried an IRC connection
on  Again, this works perfectly with irssi but on
empathy, I can't seem to join any rooms.  I set up the account with my
nickname and got it to point to but when I try and
join a room, it keeps showing an empty combo box for account.  I have
no idea what to put in there and it keeps saying unknown.

I'm also trying to set up a jabber account but I'm not sure where
we're going on that one.  So at this point, I have been unable to do
anything successfully with empathy.  Am I missing something big here?
From an a11y stand point, I think empathy is looking good but I wonder
if I'm missing yet still with regards to verifying my accounts
connected successfully.

Can anyone help me out?
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