Re: [orca-list] Let's decide on live region re-bindings and move on :-)

Joanmarie Diggs writes:
5. unbound: To be honest, I don't know how many live regions there are
out in the wild. If there are a bunch of live regions out there, then I
think we'd want to have existing bindings for them because from the
new-user perspective, it's easier to discover what a binding is than to
bind it. If no one is using live regions, then we could unbind them
without much impact.

I believe we can expect more and more use of live regions, not less.
There are just too many ways that live regions make practical sense in a
visual interface. Note that their attraction is that the entire page
doesn't have to get reloaded--only the region in question. So much less
traffic over the Internet connection.

Furthermore, we've got support in all the major browsers--though I think
this is where we need support to be more robust for us. Between the AT
and the browser, it should be a bit easier to huristically identify live
regions and handle them appropriately. Especially, it is critical to
keep a frequently updating region from grabbing focus. My current
example of insufficiency here is the second by second clock ticking away
on the Federal Express "My Fed Ex" pages.


So there you have it.... What would be awesome is if each of you could
cast your vote for the replacement for next and previous live region. I
plan to do the 2.31.1 tarball sometime on Sunday and would like to have
the structural navigation binding issue completed for that release.

Thanks (again and again and again) for all your input!

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