Re: [orca-list] date and time keybindings

Big +1 for Paul suggestion. :-):-)
But, for example an Orca+t key combination first press for time
spokening and two quick press for date spokening is another good ydea. I
accept both two ydeas. Few days ago have a keybinding profile ydea
Little off topic:
with emulates Jaws or NVDA key combinations ydea: This is impossible,
because in GNOME Accessibility Guide is have Orca general keybindings
are documented. I understand why want this feature some Orca users, but
if this is perhaps doed in future, how many style keystrokes are need
documenting with documentation team? Need documenting general Orca
desktop and laptop key bindings, need documenting Jaws style desktop and
laptop key bindings, etc?


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