Re: [orca-list] Plans for Speech Dispatcher

Hello, Hynek Hanke!

2) After the release of 0.7.1, we plan to start working on
two major improvements for the 0.8 release: DBUS interface
and closer session integration using such technologies

Will D-Bus interface be respondable only for control operations
(stop server, etc) or there will be D-Bus interface to sent speech
commands? It seems to me the second  may be amazing idea. It can be the
simplest way to produce speech output from any place you want. But one
important thing: if spd will  process commands to say any text and stop
output with D-Bus it would be great to initiate public discussion to get
some common interfaces for TTS engines accessible with D-BUS. Every TTS
provider (kttsd, for example) may be interested in such interfaces
research. Apparently, using common interfaces increases
interchangebility between TTS engines.

Michael Pozhidaev. Tomsk, Russia. E-mail: msp altlinux ru
Russian info page:

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