[orca-list] bingo! It's about time!

I dono what in the cotton pickin heck I did, but I finally! got fetchmail to cooperate.

The only thing I can think of is I went into alpine and told it to enable incoming folder collections, and there was one other thing below that but I don't recall the exact wording that I enabled. I don't think that diddit, but maybe, it actually did. It's not polling my mail automatically. I gotta run fetchmail first before starting alpine if I wanna check again for mail, but, that's a small price to pay. I just wish I didn't have to quit the thing just to type fetchmail then bring alpine back up again. again though, this is a real small price to pay though. I don't really know that there is! another way to do this aside running fetchmail as a daemon, which I don't exactly wanna do.

the only issue is now, it's telling me that /var/mail is vulnerable, and needs 1777 permission.

I thought there was only 3 sets of numbers... owner, group, others.

so where is it getting 1777

surely it doesn't want owner to only have execute and everyone else have read write execute, even if not in the group. That's frickin stupid! I think I am obviously not understanding what that 1777 means, as if I am, then, wo, what an idiotic thing to do!


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