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I think one thing we need to be careful about is not to become
documentation for all of tnome's applications out there.  I found some
excellent online help for Open Office from the standard help menu.  If
people are having trouble finding or working that, let me know; we
might need to update the wiki with tips on how to navigate Open
Office's online help system.

I thought there was already function key to bring up some help for
Orca.  Actually, pressing Orca+F1 ot to be mapped to a function to put
you into Orca's online help.  Right now, I'm not sure how one can get
into Orca's help without alt-tabbing to Orca's main panel and pressing
the Help button.

I imagine for a long term solution, the stuff on wiki should be moved
to the online help in Orca.  As a reminder, what tools are needed to
update online help in gnome? I think I would be willing to help in
such a project.  I would merely begin with copying wiki entries into
appropriate pages in online help.  It disturbs me quite a lot when I
see so many programs in both gnome and windows with such skimpy
information in online helps.  Online helps can be an excellent way to
disseminate information on how to use a program.

On Tue, Jun 08, 2010 at 02:17:05AM +0200, Alejandro Leiva wrote:
Hi Scott (I CC'ed ot to the list again)

El 08/06/2010, a las 02:02, Scott Berry escribió:

Hi Alejandro,

What I think would be good is to have it like Rockbox.  Have ytou ever looked at Rockbox the way they do 
it is great and we should have a documentation team to do this.  some docs in Orca are very lousy and if 
Rockbox can put together an awesome manual so can we.  But here is a huge thing.  Yes I know we want Orca 
small but it would be very helpful to have xml documentation in Orca.  And say for instance I am in Open 
Office Word and I have no idea what commands work there why not press f1 and actually have the docs come 
up. This is really important stuff her cause in my opinion the current documentation is not very good at 

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I'm looking for a way to generate other formats (like ODT) from [1], somebody knows?. GNOME Documentation 
Library seems a good place to generate content.

Rockbox ~= GNOME Documentation Library


Alejandro Leiva

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