[orca-list] Saving profiles on orca

Hi everybody!

I'm developing an application that have three diferents profiles to load the interface: Blind person, Low vision person and sighted person:

1.- If the user choose Blind person, automatically active orca like screen reader.
2.- If the user choose sighted person, automatically off orca.
3.- If the user choose Low vision person, I would like to load orca automatically with the orca magnifier and off the screen reader.

By default, always will execute the sreen reader because I want to bring all the facilities to the blind person.

The question is:

How can I save this profile in a file that later I could execute from my application?

I tried calling first the gnome-magnifier, thus the user could look for the orca's preferences and activate the orca magnifier that is better than gnome-magnifier, but this solution is not so comfortable to the user :(

Thanks in advance!

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