[orca-list] Done. Please test (was Re: Input requested: What is *needed* with respect to choosing an Orca modifier)

Hey all.

Given all the feedback (thank you so much!), I have just committed a
KISS-principle change to master which:

1. Lists the choices in a combo box

2. Allows you to (currently) select from amongst: Insert and KP_Insert,
just KP_Insert, just Insert, or just Caps_Lock.

3. The default for the desktop layout is not changed. (Sorry Steve!) But
hopefully you will find it relatively painless to select just KP_Insert
should you so desire.

I've tested it quite a bit, but it could use some additional testing
love, please.

Given your feedback with respect to enabling Super, I will spend some
time trying to figure out why it is not always being recognized
correctly. If I can do so quickly, I'll add it as a choice in the combo
box. If I cannot do it quickly, I will open an RFE. Because, let's face
it folks, whether or not Super is an option is the least of our worries
going into GNOME 3.0.

Take care.

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