[orca-list] Next biggest Firefox problem?

We're still in bug hunting mode in Firefox, but I'm not as good at
finding really insidious bugs as blind users, because I normally cheat
and use my eyes.  If there are any particularly unhappy problems in
using Firefox with Orca, let me know.

I'm pretty happy with Firefox now on my machine.  I ran the JAWs demo
for 40 minutes yesterday, and the most glaring difference to me was
how snappy JAWs was.  However, I can see the caret in Firefox, and I
can tell you JAWs often had no clue where it was!  I think both of
these differences are mostly due to JAWs running in a "virtual

So, I would like to get the Vinux Firefox team looking into speeding
up access to Firefox.  I don't know where the bottlenecks are now, but
it's hard to believe that on a 2 gigahertz machine that reading some
text and links could have perceptible delay, unless there are some
nasty N-squared loops or poorly chosen sleep and buffer delays.  I
suspect some of this is already somewhat understood, so if you have
any advice for where to start, let me know.


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