Re: [orca-list] details on orca support

Hi again,
I just had a look at the mail you linked me to.
It is good, just that I wanted to know if the pending problem of evince is to be taken up, what should be done? I looked at the bug which was filed long back but I don't see any activity there.

How much work is pending from evince side?

Happy hacking.

On Thursday 25 February 2010 06:29 AM, Willie Walker wrote:
Hi Krishnakant:

Each script is going to be unique, so it's really quite hard for us to
prepare you for each situation you may run into. The best thing you can
do is become familiar with the AT-SPI and learning how to analyze AT-SPI
traffic.  I wrote something up just a few days ago to help you get
started.  I really recommend reading this, digging in, and getting your
hands dirty:


On Wed, 2010-02-24 at 21:58 +0530, hackingKK wrote:
On Wednesday 24 February 2010 08:37 PM, Bill Cox wrote:
I totally agree that we need to look forward.  I see that several
programmers have offered to help on this list.  I've subscribed to the
orca-devel list, but there hasn't been a post there since October.
Might it be time to try and fire-up a community effort around Orca?
Willie, with your guidance, there could be several new Orca developers
helping out in short order, I think.  I'm pretty swamped with work and
Vinux support, but longer-term, I'd like to be one of those Orca

Well, now the real problem starts.
the most important contribution will come in terms of orca scripts for
different apps.
I have found it very tough to get grips with the scripting model/
But I think if some one can even now put up an uptodate short scripting
guide, it might still lead to a lot of immediate contribution on a large
I would jump into scripting orca for different applications if I just
get a short tutorial.

Happy hacking.

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