Re: [orca-list] How to make Yelp accessible?

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On Thu, Feb 18, 2010 at 09:21:12AM -0500, Bill Cox wrote:
Yelp in Ubuntu Lucid is currently not accessible by Orca.  Is there
any plan to get this working for the final Lucid release?  If not,
what would you recomend for Vinux/Lucid?  I could down-grade yelp to
an older accessible version, or try to help get the new version
working with Orca.  The downgrade is easy, but I'm unfamiliar with the
yelp code, so upgrading it would be hard for me.

I sure hope webkit a11y is progressing but we unfortunately have only
two people working actively on Orca at all these days <sigh>.

If Ubuntu is presenting so many problems with accessibility lately,
might wanna give Arch Linux a looky.  It comes with Speakup from a
modified disk image and So far, yelp still works with the gecko engine
and all the software is current.  Arch uses a concept of rolling
updates so is very current but still stable.  I was able to install
and configure the OS with Speakup in a text console and install gnome
+ Orca independently too and I even have an accessible login from a
gdm window.  

But I also understand if you installed Ubuntu and have a lot of
production stuff going on, you wouldn't wanna re-install to a new
distro.  Anyway, just a shameless plug for my favorite distribution.
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