Re: [orca-list] FW: Ubuntu accessible install is now here, from CD boot.

Dear syr,

This approach will very probably not work while using Ubuntu 9.10.

Instead of this approach, use following instructions.

Burn Your bootable Ubuntu live CD Gnome.

   Restart The computer

After restart, and when CD will stop working, i mean by this, that laser len and servo motors for moving with it will stop to work, press enter key.

This will automatically choose The English Language.
Then press function key F5
Then press three number the number three at The uppest keyboard line, which is closely to The function keys and near to ESC key.

Then press Enter twice. Patiently wait, until You will not hear, That CD stopped to rotate.
Press ALT+F2 and type orca and press enter.

You should hear welcome to Orca, starting Orca preferences.

To choose The specific language, other than English, i will try to write You, how many times You would have to press down arrow key after inserting bootable CD to The CD drive.

Installation can be launched without need to use complex procedures like using gnome-terminal or even stopping GDM session.

Simply use install item on The desktop and press Enter key.

I will assist You while triing Ubuntu 9.10 if You will occur some issues.

With kindness regards.

Janusz Chmiel

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