Re: [orca-list] testresults of new settings and profile stuff

Hey JosÃ.

Try the following:
1. Activate orca preferences.
2. Load a different profile.
3. Press escape or click the cancel button.

In my machine orca freezes.

Ugh. That's no good. I'm not seeing that myself, though I am seeing a
bit of a delay before Orca resumes speaking. I'll have to look into

One of the bugs that has since been fixed was causing user-settings.conf
to not be quite right in its contents. I wonder if that is in any way
impacting what you are seeing? If you delete your user-settings.conf and
start over, can you reliably reproduce the freeze? If so, please send me
the offending user-settings.conf file so that I can test with it.

One question.
When I load a profile, orca uses the new settings immediately or they 
will be used only after I apply the settings?

It should be immediately upon pressing load. If not, then I need those
details (steps to reproduce) as well.

Thanks and congratulations, nice job.

Aside from these (hopefully few) remaining bugs, I do think the
functionality (and under-the-hood clean-up) are quite cool. And soon,
very soon, we shall have quick language switching via Profiles.

Thanks and congratulations definitely also go to Ale, along with his
colleagues Juanje and Javi. These guys don't talk nearly as much as I
do, but they've done so, so much work for us.

Take care, and thanks for the feedback and reports!

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