Re: [orca-list] Recommendation of Linux for Windows and Mac switchers

I wood tell them to try it in a vm for themselves first I use linux almost
full time and yes there are things that need to bee fixed but they are
always trying to make orca better

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Keep in mind I'm not an Orca screen reader user, and my attempts to use the
magnifier weren't very successful (I use the magnifier built into Compiz
Fusion). Some have asked "should I use Linux?" One person in particular is a
screen reader user. I've been hesitant to recommedn Linux to them, because
of it not being necessarily a "turn key" solution, and this is because of
Orca, while usable, can sometimes be unpredictable from what I've heard. For
instance, Virtual Box doesn't talk at all, while Bleach Bit talks just fine.
What is your view on recommending Linux to someone who lacks the funds for
the Mac but is begging to get out of  the Windows environment? As I said I
personally have been hesitant to do this, especially with the new Unity
interface just around the corner for Ubuntu. 

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