Re: [orca-list] speech engines

Chris Gilland <cgilland1 carolina rr com> wrote:
only thing keeping me from switching to Linux entirely is I can't get my
internal laptop mike to work, and the fact that I don't know any app that is
accessible enough to let me multi-track my vocals as well as do a full on
midi sequence, and be able to mixdown the midi to an mp3.  

This isn't an Orca issue; I would suggest taking it up on an audio-related
list and having a close look at the Alsa parameters of your sound card using
amixer or alsamixer.

There was a recent discussion on this list of Orca and audio recording
applications that may be of interest. Ecasound would also be worth
investigating. I have found it to be highly valuable for a number of
audio-related purposes, including file conversions, rewinding/forwarding
through an audio file, etc. Ecasound is also a recording tool.

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