[orca-list] OT: digital magnifier for visually impaired from cheap ebay camera?

I know that this is absolutely not related to Orca but this forum is
probably the biggest mailing list related to problems of visual
impairment and many programmers visit this list.

I think about some portable device to provide digital magnification of
some printed materials like books or other things at school - this
would be very helpful for my sister (low vision). As the deviced
designed especially for visually impaired people are often very
expensive and connected with M$ OS - no linux support, I searched for
better solution. I looked on Ebay and found this interesting item:

Vision Booster Digital Magnifier - USB Optical Scanner

The price corresponds with my meaning that for basic use you could
have only little bit modified digital camera or webcam and modified
webcam software. As the most webcams can be used in linux, then maybe
also this device could be used with some modified software. I could be
maybe also possible to use those cheap usb microscopes or webcams in
this way (depends of course on available magnification level and
minimal focus distance). My brother told me, that for example WxCam is
able to use some video filters like black/white, sepia, Gamma and
contrast settings etc. so writing new software from scratch would not
be necessary. Maybe that such software already exists but I did not
find it.

Do you have some experience or ideas in this area of interrest?



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