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Jacob, Joanie,

Regarding language switching, Writer has the ability to encode text in different languages. We use this in the odt2daisy plugin to create DAISY books that use the appropriate TTS engine for the different passages. I don't know whether the language information is exposed via AT-SPI yet. But this would be a nice way to have language switching automatically done for users who have to work with documents in multiple languages. HTML / Firefox should likewise support this (which is to say, you can encode it in HTML but I don't know if Firefox exposes it in any way).


Peter Korn
Accessibility Principal

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Hi all
The talk about the say all voice got me thinking of another feature I
would really like to see: voice profiles like in jaws 10 and later. This
would be nice for reading content in other languages, you could assign a
hotkey to switch profiles and could have your parameter set up for each
language you use. It wouldn't just store the tts engine and voice, but
the rate, pitch, and volume associated with it and probably for all
three (maybe four if the say all voice is implemented) voice types if
their parameters are different from the default voice. This really would
make it easier to deal with reading multiple languages.


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