Re: [orca-list] In Ubuntu 10.04, when Orca is running, impossible to make USB startup disk with usb-creator-gtk application

Hi Attila.

Joanmarie, your openion this problem is an Orca related bug, or another 
accessibility related component producing the problem?
My system is full uptodated.

In my experience, nearly each and every time the report is "When I use
package Foo with Orca and do xyz, everything hangs" the bug is that
package Foo is making a change to the GUI outside of the main thread in
order to accomplish xyz. That may or may not be the case with the bug
you're reporting, but it sure sounds like a threading issue.

I really wish we didn't have these threading problems. But as long as we
do, packages such as Foo need to fix the problem on their end. Sorry!

Take care.

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