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I've not had any luck getting Orca to actually read any pdf text inside Adobe Acrobat although the application's menus and dialogues are accessible.

What I do is to load the pdf into Acrobat and use the file menu > "save as text" option to generate a text file then read the resulting file in gedit.

I've tried several other pdf readers available in the Ubuntu repositories with no luck. Some of them have accessible menus and dialogues like Acrobat but none actually expose the text to Orca.

On 28/09/09 20:33, Krishnakant wrote:
On Mon, 2009-09-28 at 15:25 -0400, Storm Dragon wrote:
Are there any pdf readers that work with Orca?  I read on the site that adobe acrobat was accessible, but when I
installed it it didn't even work as well as the default reader
installed with Ubuntu.  Thanks for suggestions.
This is a pending issue and I was following it up for a few months on
the link provided by wil.
Actually acrobat reader seems to be accessible but only on 32 bit
As it is a proprietory software, we don't have the freedom to modify and
make it better.
The default reader evince which comes with ubuntu is still not
I am now doing a final attempt to get some final year students to take
up this task.
Let's hope this works.
Happy hacking.

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