Re: [orca-list] Which distribution?

I think you should try Vinux. We found it after long distro-journey
(Pclinuxos-Suse-Ubuntu) and it looks to be the best in this case
because all necessary is included and configured to work.

Support for non-US keyboard layouts should not be problem because my
sister uses it with Czech layout. I do not know how is it with the
braille as we do not use it.

The Vinux was based on Ubuntu but recent version (2.0) is based on
Debian because of better stability.



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Subject: [orca-list] Which distribution?
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Which Linux distro is "best" on accessibility?

Which distros are most commonly used by members on the Orca list?

I am looking for a distribution were Orca is started automatically or very
easy to start, just pressing a shortcut key etc.

I need speech and braille immediately to be able to interact with the OS.

I also need support for non-US keyboard layouts and braille translation
To be more specific:

Norwegian keyboard layout and braille table.

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