Re: [orca-list] Problem with orca stopping

I think this might be one of those bugs which are virtually impossible to reliably reproduce, I have just tried reproducing it and failed to demonstrate the bug.

So to give an idea of what impact this has:

* orca although not responding will quit if I switch to a text console (eg. tty1) and type orca -q and then I may restart orca and everything is fine. * While I said applications at one point and gave the example of thunderbird, I think I have only observed it while around thunderbird and firefox, so may be it is related to gecko. It also seems to only occur when one of those looses focus (possibly desktop coming to the front, but can't confirm this exactly as I can't quite remember all occasions). * As I said originally I first noticed this when closing firefox, but switching quickly (nothing above what a person can manage but faster than normal use) between thunderbird and the desktop. When I am switching between thunderbird and the desktop quickly (this is for the time I got the traceback) I was just pressing ctrl+alt+d rapidly. Also as I mentioned I do have a number of messages (approx 600) and so when moving to thunderbird it does take some time to show in Braille and speak the message entry highlighted in the message list. * This happens only occasionally, can't quite say how regular but not enough for me to get it to happen in a few (may be 5) attempts just now (we know what will happen now, when I finish this it will occur, but no point turning on debugging as it will then only happen when I turn off debugging, do I need to be a little less pessimistic?).

So as orca can be restarted without any great trouble (IE. no need to logout and log back in, so we don't have to close all open applications) and as it only occurs occasionally and may be hard to track down I would say don't try and track it down if you have other bugs to deal with, unless I can get more information. Any suggestions for trying to track this down, any way to inspect the situation when it occurs (as reproducing seems to be a slight challenge), etc?

Michael Whapples
On -10/01/37 20:59, Willie Walker wrote:
Hi Michael:

From these lines, it looks like the at-spi registry has dies or gone into a very unhappy state:

>   File "/usr/lib/pymodules/python2.5/orca/",
> line 528, in _processObjectEvent
>     if event.source == self.registry.getDesktop(0):
> File "/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/pyatspi/", line 410,
> in getDesktop
>     raise LookupError(e)

Can you describe exactly how you are switching between Thunderbird and the desktop really quickly? I'd like to try to reproduce this.


Michael Whapples wrote:
I probably should file this as a bug, but I have noticed times when orca seems to just stop working (doesn't crash to the point where it exits but just doesn't seem to respond in any way, know orca is still running as it still shows text at the last time orca responded rather than brltty showing the "screen not in text mode" message).

Now I am not sure fully what causes it, but I first noticed it when exiting firefox and quickly switching to thunderbird. Now I don't think its specific to those applications, I seem to be able to achieve the same result by doing alot of quick switching between applications and the desktop (thunderbird being the application and I have quite a large number of messages in my inbox and orca does react slowly with the message list).

Now I am not sure whether the above is enough to try and work out why it stops, I have managed to get a exception trace when this occurs, here it is below:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/usr/lib/pymodules/python2.5/orca/", line 925, in _dequeueEvent
File "/usr/lib/pymodules/python2.5/orca/", line 528, in _processObjectEvent
    if event.source == self.registry.getDesktop(0):
File "/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/pyatspi/", line 410, in getDesktop
    raise LookupError(e)

focus_tracking_presenter:_dequeueEvent:  the event queue is empty!

When this happens orca doesn't return the terminal it was launched from back to the prompt (which agrees with the Braille display observation).

Some version information:
orca 2.27.91 on debian. Thunderbird is a nightly version (3.0b4pre) and iceweasel (debian's firefox) 3.0.12.

Any thoughts on this?

Michael Whapples
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