[orca-list] Braille configuration problems

Hi. I have edited the brltty configuration file so that the text table is the English one and that the line to use the contractions table for unified English Braille are uncommented (alternatives are all commented) but I do not get grade 2 English Braille when running Braille through orca or simply running BRLTTY in the console mode. I do however seem to now get some 8 dot English computer Braille, which is different to the defaults I had before.
Also is there anything I can add to the configuration file so that Braille TTY can wrap lines so that if an entire word won't fit on my display it is printed on the next display? I am using the Pacmate 40 cell display. I can send my configuration file but it seems to me that I have commented/uncommented the correct things so don't want to clog up the list with unnecessary stuff.
Also now I have changed it I get some message on my display about a startup problem. (Note if I set the file up how it was in it's default state I now still get the same message).
Any thoughts?
Thanks in advance

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