Re: [orca-list] Using an alternative editor for a text area of a form with Firefox

This sounds like an interesting idea. You might try and get the firefox plugin to invoke emacs with the -nw command line option. On my Arch system, if you type 'emacs' from a gnome terminal, you will have no speech while emacs is running but if I type 'emacs -nw' in that same terminal, then you will have spoken output from Orca in the terminal. Might give that a try and let us know if that works. I think Iwould like being able to use a standard editor inside text areas like that. Hey as an aside, can't these plugins be configured to use gedit? I would think that would be less complex. gedit isn't all that bad; not as powerful as emacs but for editing text areas on a form, I would think that would be plenty adequate.

On 09/04/2009 07:44 AM, Dominique Asselineau wrote:
Jason White wrote on Fri, Sep 04, 2009 at 09:49:48AM +1000
Dominique Asselineau<asseline telecom-paristech fr>  wrote:

We tried these plugins


It's All Text!

They run fine but we do not find way that Orca runs with.
That's a very vague report. What happens, exactly, and what problems (in
detail) did you encounter?
Here are the details.
OS : Linux, Debian, Lenny
Application : Firefox 3.0
Orca : 2.25

In a text area of a web form, when I start the text editor (Emacs)
pressing ctrl-e, nothing happens and I can't move the braille display.
The text I enter in Emacs seems correctly treated. When I exit from
this editor, Orca runs again and I can read the text entered.

When I exit from X session, the logs do not notice errors.

The EmbeddedEditor (
is started via Xterm and
It's All Text! (
is a plugin of Firefox.



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