[orca-list] a feature request for which I have a solution.

hello all,
I am making a serious feature request and I also have a solution for the
Looking at all the feedbacks on-line and off-line regarding the audio
manuals I have created, I get a feeling that its ok to have audio
tutorials but a book/ manual in readable form is what people still want.
Now, I am very good at LaTeX and I have seen that latex2html generates
good output which is totally accessible and easy to navigate.
I am just starting to write the kind of orca book which one needs for
getting started with orca on Gnome.
The book will be some thing similar to what jaws for windows or any
other screen reader offers.  What I want to request is that we should
include this as the manual which can come in the help option of orca.
So if some one hits enter on help button this manual is also provided as
getting starting.

Is this ok with others.  If this request is not some thing which people
want, I will still make the manual and upload it somewhere.

Happy hacking.

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