[orca-list] Please don't send Vinux specific questions to this list!


drbongo here, the idiot behind the Vinux distribution. Could I ask
subscribers not to post questions that are specifically about Vinux on this
mailing list. If you have questions about Orca generally then this is the
place to ask them, but if they are about features specific to Vinux then
please ask them at the Vinux mailing list at
http://groups.google.com/group/vinux-development - There are two reasons for
this: Firstly this list is an Orca specific list and off topic discussions
get on peoples nerves after a while, and secondly, people on this list are
not likely to be able to answer Vinux specific questions anyway. I know it is
not always easy to distinguish between an Operating System, a Linux
Distribution, Gnome and Orca especially if you are a beginner. If you are not
sure then please post to the Vinux mailing list first, and we will refer you
on to the Orca mailing list if we cannot help you and it is relevant. (I will
post a similar message to everyone already on the Vinux mailing list!)

Thanks for your cooperation,


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