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Hi Ron:

Welcome to the Orca list! You can find more information about Orca at and This list also has a number of people who are very helpful if you cannot find things in the documentation.

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On Mar 20, 2009, at 7:23 PM, Ron Canazzi wrote:

Hi List,
I just started using Orca with Linux last week.  I am using the Vinux distribution and while the associated mailing list is helpful, I was advised that since I have dived in with both feet, that I might do well to join the Orca mailing list.  Apparently a number of the Vinux developers are not Blind and the chief developer says he has only a cursory knowledge of Orca. 
So my first question is: can I get some extensive documentation on the Orca screen reader?  I know the basics by now, but I really would like to get some advanced configuration and keystroke information.
My second question is about adding voices.  I am from the US and with the E-Speak voices being primarily British accented and not as clear as I am used to, I am wondering if there are any more available voices or even synthesizers/engines that have voices in US English or even British voices with more clarity. I am a long time Windows user and I am comfortable with the Eloquence British voices.  Even something of that nature would be preferable (although the more you listen to E-speak British, the more you get used to it's idiosyncrasies <g>.)
Any help would be appreciated.

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