Re: [orca-list] orca on debian

I am keeping it on list as some of it is relevant for orca.

Starting with your first comment (which I feel is very relevant), the initial set up of orca where it lists languages should be answered by using the number of your choice. EG. For the IBMtts driver for gnome speech the voice options may be presented as:
1 male 1
2 male 2
3 female 1
To choose male 2 you should type 2 and press enter to accept. Orca doesn't echo this.

May be orca should be improved to give better feedback of what to do. Also may be arrow selection as well. If you feel strongly about this being a useability issue then report an enhancement bug at stating how orca could be improved. May be report back your thoughts as well to this list.

The next bit is a bit off topic but as it is in this message which does include on topic stuff I will quickly say.

I have achieved this by removing the execute bits from the gdm init file:
chmod a-x /etc/init.d/gdm
It may not be the best way but it works. Now this is done you should use startx to start gnome.

Michael Whapples
On 23/12/42 19:59, Keith Barrett wrote:
Wonder if there are any debian users on the list.

I have been trying to get gnome and orca working.

So far, I have updated my apt/sources.list and used apt to install gnome
from squeeze.

When gnome starts, I get the orca selection choices for language and

However, I am finding that the arrow keys have no affect and once orca
has read the screen, I cannot get it to speak again.

I presume that I should be able to make a selection with the arrow or

Not sure if I am doing something wrong or if this is a bug?

Also, would like to stop gdm from starting.  I want to boot in to the
command line and only start gnome on demand.

Perhapse it would be better to reply offlist as this may be considered



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